Antam Sanskar – The Final Ceremony

The Final phase of our life

The universally accepted truth that will come to pass for us all is the final doorway of this current life.

According to Gurbani (sacred revealed words of the Guru), the final stage of our life in this human form culminates with the end of the body form, and the departure of the soul. The destination of the soul is determined by our behaviour in this current life. Whether we pursued spiritual development or worldly pursuits.

In short, the final ceremony is comprised of the following stages:

  • Passing on – the soul departs and the body vessel becomes lifeless
  • Gurbani – reading of Kirtan Sohila. A solace giving reality check of the soul’s journey and highlighting the grand scheme of existence.
  • Cremation – the body vessel is returned to the earth in the form of ash after cremation
  • Sehaj Paatt (Outside of India – typically immediately after the passing)- a full recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib, read, or listened to by the immediate family. This is for the upliftment of the mind and souls of loved ones who may be grieving and some consider this as an aid to the departed soul.

Some Videos pertinent to this Sanskar