Your Contributions are needed

The services we offer are on an open contribution basis.

We don’t wish to set a fixed fee for these livestream services as we know everyone’s circumstances are different. The risk of pricing out a family with modest means from having their loved ones remotely present during these sanskars, is not something we wish to be a party to.

There are a host of costs involved involved in offering these services so we humbly ask that you try to help us financially too, so that we may continue to support others.

Our umbrella organisation GRO hosts a range of services to help the community at large and are increasing their portfolio to help at grass root levels.

If you feel so inclined, kindly contribute to our efforts.

You can bank transfer straight into:
JustGRO Ltd
Acc: 31837646
SC: 52-30-11

Thanking you considering helping our community projects

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