FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Family members and loved ones who can't attend a sanskar in person due to travel, age, or disability, can become a part of the service from home by watching the whole service on YouTube. During and after current Covid-based restrictions, the service we offer becomes all the more essential.
We use dual cameras to livestream over mobile networks. A dedicated memorial page is setup for the family. People can leave condolence messages and the link is permanently yours. You can update and add to any personal messages to visitors to the page as frequently as you might need. Photo galleries are also included. The video stream itself includes name, location and personal message details, as well as a photo overlay.
We ask for contributions to our costs and services. We don't set a fixed fee currently because we feel that we risk pricing out some low income families and don't wish them to miss out on having their loved ones being a part of the karaj.
We cover the final darshan of the body of the loved one, the crematorium and the bhog divan at the Gurdwara Sahib, all under one dedicated link under the family name.
As we rely on mobile networks, we can't always guarantee the quality of coverage. We endeavour to visit locations in advance to test the strongest network for outdoor and indoor locations. Some older buildings sometimes have thicker exteriors that often block a lot of signal and sometimes don't have provisions for Wi-Fi. These external factors are out of our control so for this reason, the service we provide cannot be guaranteed to the levels we would like.